About us

CyberPear Websites is a small digital services provider based in Warndon Villages, Worcester.

We offer Bespoke Digital Solutions such as Web Design and Web Development, as well as Mobile and Desktop Application Development.

Professional Web Design based in Worcester

I provide web design services to new businesses, organisations and individuals.

With more than 10 years experience in web design, web development, software development and more, I know how to turn your ideas into a reality.

As a small business, I provide a personal service while delivering quality solutions at competitive prices.


We believe in

  • Creating user centred designs that help generate business
  • Forming quotes that are right for you, ensuring affordability
  • Delivering business value to you in short time frames
  • Helping you through the process


We aim to achieve the high quality digital solutions by delivering the following:


Each solution is made to designed and implemented based on your specific business needs.


By keep our solutions simple to reduce complexity helping to ensure your solution remains reasonable priced as your business needs grow.

Cutting Edge

We use industry best practices and technologies to help ensure you stay ahead of your competitors.


We put focus on security to help keep your solution and business safe in the digital world.

To find out more about what I offer visit my services page or get in touch via email hello@cyberpear.co.uk or by completing my contact form.

UK Based Digital Solutions

We don’t outsource the creation of you website or act as a broker.

This means that your requirements don’t get lost in translation, nor do you end up paying for additional administrative overheads.

It also makes it easier to ensure your business is conforms to Data Protection Regulations.

Simple Beginnings

The business began in reaction to the overwhelming amount of poor quality websites that small businesses were parting with their hard earned money for.

We believe that it shouldn’t cost the bank for a business to represent itself professionally online, and we try to ensure our pricing is very competitive. 

As business demands grew, I extended my offering to include other digital solutions, such as Desktop and Mobile Application development.


I have over a decades worth of experience working with the top local technology companies to deliver digital solutions for household brands (e.g. Asda, Debenhams and Gtech).

What's in the name?

I adopted the “Pear” from local heraldry bearing the “Black Worcester Pear”.

Cyber references the technological side of what I do.