About me

Hi, I'm James
I make websites

My Aims

I aim to achieve the highest standards of quality web design and development by delivering the following:


Each website is made to fit your business, to help ensure your businesses brand is represented.


Keeping design simple and clean makes your website user friendly and great looking across devices of different sizes.


Using best practice keeps your website fast. Improving user experience and position in search results.


Utilising latest technologies and techniques helps to ensure your website is secure, which keeps your website safer as well as increasing trust.

To find out more about what I offer visit my services page or get in touch via email hello@cyberpear.co.uk or by completing my contact form.

Why I started CyberPear Websites

After looking up local services online I noticed that many were lacking the high level of quality that consumers expect when searching for businesses.

Identifying a gap in the market, I decided to apply my web design & development skills to support local businesses by providing high quality web design and development services.

UK Based Web Development

I work with you directly and convert your requirements into a functioning website myself. 

I don’t outsource the creation of you website or act as a broker.

This means that your requirements don’t get lost in translation, nor do you end up paying for additional administrative overheads.


I have over a decades worth of experience working with the top local technology companies to deliver digital solutions for household brands (e.g. Asda, Debenhams and Gtech).

What's in the name?

I adopted the “Pear” from local heraldry bearing the “Black Worcester Pear”.

Cyber references the technological side of what I do.